3 Reasons A Dentist Will Want to Take A Dental X-Ray of Your Child’s Teeth

Posted by: Dr. Erwin Su, on October 29, 2013

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It’s logical to ask your dentist whether or not it’s appropriate to have dental x-rays taken on your child’s teeth. Almost every dental patient is concerned with the level of radiation that their child will receive during a dental exam, and staying educated about the reasons why x-rays are taken or re-taken can better improve patient-doctor communication. Thankfully, dental x-rays emit only a very tiny dosage of radiation, and at Erwin Su Pediatric Dentistry we use low-dose digital x rays, which produce up to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays! This helps keep your necessary images even safer than before. So why are there so many different times and techniques to taking x-rays of your teeth? Here are 4 reasons that patients get dental x-rays:

#1 – Dental x-rays show tooth decay in places that aren’t visible during a clinical examination.

The areas between your teeth are some of the places that are most likely to develop cavities (that’s what makes flossing so important.) Unfortunately, no matter how hard your dentist looks, those areas cannot be seen visually. Thankfully, routine “bitewing” dental x-rays can spot cavities very early on, allowing dentists to treat them while they are smaller. This keeps your treatment needs less invasive and more affordable in the long run!

#2 – To examine the bone height and quality around teeth.

Bone loss or periodontal disease around teeth can cause the teeth to become mobile and even fall out. Although this is not as likely in children, monitoring the height of your child’s bone can help provide comprehensive preventive care that keeps them smiling for years to come.

#3 – X-rays allow your dentist to inspect your child’s entire tooth structure.

Tooth roots extend deep into the gums and bone of your mouth. If a tooth has symptoms of an abscess, trauma, or sensitivity, then an x-ray can capture an image of the entire tooth as well as the structure around the tip of the root. These are usually taken during emergency visits, or to examine specific teeth that are causing patients problems.

If your child is behind on their dental x-rays, then we aren’t getting the whole picture. Many dental conditions can exist without ever having symptoms present, until that condition becomes so severe that the life of the tooth is threatened. Schedule your child’s appointment and come see us at Erwin Su Pediatric Dentistry and experience our digital dental x-rays! Your child’s smile depends on it!

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