5 Healthy Snacks that Help Your Child Have a Healthy Smile

Posted by: Dr. Erwin Su, on August 19, 2013

One of our primary goals at Erwin Su Dental is to help parents protect their children’s teeth, keeping them as healthy as possible. One of the most influential ways to do this is by carefully watching what your child likes to eat and drink throughout the day. Children are always growing, so their appetites stay quite busy. Here are 5 healthy snacks that are not only good for your child, but also good for their oral health:

Snack of fresh veggies.

From apples and pears to celery and carrots, crunchy vegetables help stimulate the gum tissue, remove plaque from the teeth and stimulate a healthy immune system. These foods also don’t stick to your teeth, so there’s no risk of them causing extra cavities.

Take advantage of the dairy section.

Not only is the calcium good for your growing child, but milk, cheese and sugar free yogurt may actually help prevent low pH levels that contribute to decay.

Get popping.

A guilt free snack, popcorn is high in fiber, fun to eat, and helps clean your teeth while you chew. Except for the occasional, annoying hull that gets stuck between your teeth, popcorn is considered one of the most tooth-friendly foods for children and adults alike. For even healthier popcorn, choose air-popped, oil free popcorn without high caloric buttery toppings.

Buy gum that has the “x” factor.

Ok, gum may not really be a “snack,” but we find that children constantly chew gum. Studies show that chewing Xylitol-containing gum at least 5 times each day may even be as effective as brushing. Xylitol works naturally to repel plaque from developing on the teeth.

Water, water, water.

You can’t drink enough! Water’s natural cleansing mechanism and fluoride supply helps keep teeth clean and healthy for years to come. Skip the juice or sports drink; water is the best drink for you or your child.

It can sometimes feel like an uphill battle to prioritize a healthy diet with your child, especially one that gives them the nutrients that help keep their smiles strong and healthy.  With a little careful planning, you can ensure that your child has a strong diet and healthy smile.  Call Dr. Erwin T. Su, your canton, ohio pediatric dentist with any questions about your child’s oral health.

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