3 Things New Parents Should Know About Their Child’s Teeth

Posted by: Dr. Erwin Su, on September 24, 2013

As a new parent, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed.   Between 4AM feedings, childproofing your home, and the soundtrack of crying, it can be extremely difficult to adjust.  Add to that the conflicting information from experts on childrearing, and all parents want to tear out their hair from time to time.  The last thing you need on your plate is worrying about how to properly care for your baby’s gums and teeth.

Let us make your life easier by telling you 3 very simple things you need to know about your children’s teeth.

Clean Those Gummy Smiles

You can begin caring for your baby’s gums by taking a soft, wet washcloth or a moistened piece of gauze and running it over his or her gums twice a day.  It’s a good practice to do this after feeding or before bedtime. Once teeth emerge, you can take a gentle toothbrush and using water only, softly brush your baby’s teeth.  Before breaking out the big guns—toothpaste—consult with Dr. Su.

Avoid Baby Bottle Decay

Unfortunately, when babies sleep with bottles, milk often pools in their mouths leading to decay.  Yes, unfortunately, even baby teeth can rot, become discolored, and eventually erode.  In some cases it may be impossible to fix the damage done to your child’s smile until their adult teeth come in.  So, instead of laying your child down with a bottle of milk or juice, try giving them a bottle of water or a pacifier.  And for the same reason, never coat the pacifier with sweet stuff like honey or corn syrup!

Get Thee to the Dentist

Most new parents are surprised to learn that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that babies visit a dentist when their first tooth appears, no later than their 1st birthday. Because baby teeth help kids to speak and chew, early care is important.

By following these 3 simple steps, you can enjoy your baby’s healthy smile for years–or at least until the tooth fairy comes knocking!  If you have any questions about how to care for your baby’s teeth, call us today!

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